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BI: SAP Crystal Reports Formula Best Practices

Hosted by ASUG Business Intelligence SIG

So you use lots of formulas in your Crystal reports? Do you know how and when to use the following:

  • The evaluation time functions WhileReadingRecords and WhilePrintingRecords?
  • Create manual running totals?
  • Variables to pass data between a subreport and the main report?
  • The correct way to work with boolean (true/false) expressions? 

In this webinar we will talk about all of this and more!


Dell Stinnett-Christy, Protiviti

Dell Stinnett-Christy is a consultant who has been working with SAP BusinessObjects as both a customer and a consultant. She has done over 30 installs/upgrades in the last 8 years, provides Administration training, and helps clients configure security for new systems and troubleshoots/reviews security in existing systems.

Tammy Powlas, Fairfax Water